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The Valley of Grace Podcast
Episode 127: Author, Blogger, and TV Personality Kyona Robinson Part 2

Is it better to be light-skinned or dark-skinned? Have “good hair” or “bad hair”? What is going on with black people bleaching their skin?  Why is it necessary to find “your tribe”?  How does it feel to exist as a black woman?  What does it look like to talk in a professional environment?  Is self-care important? Is there an epidemic of black women marrying incarcerated black men?  What is making black women protect black men inside of their toxic relationships? 

Is it possible to change your circumstances and reclaim your power and identity? If you need a place that is relatable, where you can pull off your masks, be real, dig deep, embrace your hair and skin color, release your emotions, and reveal your true identity and worth as a black woman, then listen to Part 2 of this candid interview between Kyona Robinson and me in a new series of The Valley of Grace Podcast entitled, “The Black Woman Experience:  Talking Through Our Stories” to find out the answers to these questions and more.  Be blessed! #kyonarobinson #authors #blackwomen #blackmarriage #blackrelationships #reclaimyourpowerandidentity #youareenough #blacksuperwoman #blackskin #blackhair

Podcast Topics

  • Black Women Marrying Incarcerated Men
  • Black Relationships
  • Light Skin vs. Dark Skin
  • Good Hair vs. Bad Hair
  • Protections of Black Men
  • Is Self-Care Important?

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#kyonarobinson #authors #blackwomen #blackmarriage #blackrelationships #reclaimyourpowerandidentity #youareenough #blacksuperwoman #blackskin
Author & TV Personality Kyona Robinson

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