You’ve been burning the midnight oil working on combining two math equations for your Freedomology class.  
Solve: Y=(P+C)-(L+F)=A 
Y=Power and control-love and freedom=abuse 

No matter what answer you’ve come up with, the result is the same:  narcissistic men.   

This couldn’t be right.  But it is.  

With all the figuring, inverting, and manipulation of numbers, and variables, you’ve forgotten the common denominator: you.

The more you work on combining these equations, the more confused, hopeless, and defeated you become.  

You have finally figured it out.  These are two equations that can’t be combined.  Why?

The variables involved are functioning on two different operating systems, and neither one of them are lining up with God’s(L+F) or love+freedom.

One variable is your man. And the other variable is you.

Here’s how this solution works for you.

If you fail to understand this dynamic, you will have to retake the class. 
Unfortunately, you have already enrolled five times. 
You don’t have to keep wasting your money on this class, and still not grasping the concepts that THE TEACHER has set forth for you in the GARDEN of EDEN.
You can reclaim your power, SOUL, and identity so you will know you are enough.

SOUL TIES: Self-Love Opens Up Lives To Intimacy Eternally with the Savior.
 When we do things HIS WAY: Healing Identity Self-worth With Affirmations And Yielding. 
 OUR WAY yields to pain without the healing process.
Return to the garden of Eden. Your family’s love story garden needs pruning. Get off the hamster wheel of soul-tied toxic relationships, and sign up for Freedomology: Reclaiming You. FREEDOMOLOGY, is a methodology that incorporates the VG5 Framework of Core Concepts combined with the VG5 Framework of Core Concepts for Relationships to release freedom and abundance.

Here’s how this solution works for you.

In Freedomology, you identify the sources of your control. 
Then, you work on managing your need to control.
Once the control is managed, you use five core relationship concepts that were introduced during the creation process in the Garden of Eden: power, control, love, freedom, and abuse to love your PC (body & soul), troubleshoot your PC(soul), rebuild your PC(soul), and create new software(your mindset). 
Once you complete this 1-year program, you will not only be able to handle the one toxic relationship that you are in; you will possess the skills of empowerment and abundance to impact and resolve every relationship that you engage in on every level. 
Book a call now to start reclaiming your power, soul, and identity, and enjoying healthy, flourishing relationships that thrive.

Freedomology Reclaiming You –
1 year Coaching Program
Freedomology Reclaim Your Calling –

2 year Coaching Program

Using Freedomology’s methodology, dive into the 3 R Method:
 Reveal, embrace, express and love your true, authentic self.
Reclaim your power, soul, identity, and purpose.
Release your hamster wheel striving and soul ties to man and replace them with soul ties to God.

Valley of Grace stands for letting women know that they are royalty because of their identity in Christ.  We are enough.  We are worthy because we have already been redeemed through the precious blood of Jesus Christ.  We can put on our crowns because we are daughters of the King.  We can set boundaries because we are royalty, and our status is worth protecting.  Although it may be difficult, we can heal because we believe and take ownership of the abundant life that Jesus has already promised us.  We can grow because of our belief in an abundant mindset and life.  We define success by who we are and what we are worth in Christ; performing our calling in whatever way that it looks like according to God’s will, having healthy, flourishing relationships; and being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy and resilient.

We are here to remove the financial roadblocks preventing women in toxic relationships from going under construction and moving forward with their lives. How do we do that? We offer coaching services ranging from free to paid in the areas of toxic relationship recovery, brand, business, & marketing strategies, and content creation. The only thing that we require of you is the following four things:

Commitment-you are committed to doing the self-work required. You are making a commitment to sign up for a coaching program that will guide you in traveling from where you are to your desired destination of love, freedom, and abundance.

Prayer-you are committing to prayer and partnering up with the power of the Holy Spirit in taking the necessary steps for your specific journey.

Honesty-You are being fully honest, open, and authentic with the fact that you are currently in or have been in a toxic relationship, which is why we are providing these services.

Understanding-You understand that you are under no obligation to remain in coaching. You are free to donate to the ministry and mission field, but there is no requirement of payment for these services. Your coaching is provided by donations of individuals who believe in the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social well-being of women.

I understand how hard it is to rebuild your life after divorce and trauma. Since 2014, I’ve been on my resilience journey. I finished raising my two kids on my own (I am so proud of the young people they have become). I am the author of ten books on the subjects of healing, identity, self-worth, trauma, divorce, rebuilding, and navigating toxic relationships.
I have a BS in Business Administration and Management and a Masters in Information Technology. While this may appear unrelated to healing and rebuilding, it’s not. The same approach to troubleshooting and building new PCs, are the same approaches that we use when it comes to troubleshooting and rebuilding our souls in life.

Here’s how to get started

1. Book a Love & Freedom Toxic Relationship Recovery call.

2. Download your free toxic relationship guide.

3. Success!!


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Empowering yourself means you are empowering and impacting others and leaving a legacy for generations to come. Valley of Grace…helping women reclaim their power, SOUL, and identity so they will know they are enough.

Valley of Grace…helping women reclaim their power, SOUL, and identity so they will know they are enough.

Are you ready to finally pass the class by releasing control and reclaiming your power, SOUL, and identity?


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