Are you struggling to recover in post-traumatic growth in healing from a seed of rejection, so as to finally take personal agency of your legacy? No matter your personality type, we all start with one of four attachment styles that lead to our “emotional operating system” when it comes to love and approval.

But what are the remedies if we find ourselves blind-sided by one or more persons with narcissistic personality disorder in business or our personal relationships? Do we choose to internalize being devalued, do we transfer it to others in scapegoating or do we reveal the truth in processing the experience?

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Your legacy’s survival may just depend on how efficiently you move through these three phases and how much belief you have that your “legacy” has an anointing on it. In this week’s “Legacy Series’ conversations, Angelina Carleton talks with Katina Horton, author of 11 books on spiritual and personal development and a coach specific to trauma recovery through Christian tools.

Listen in to learn how you can rebuild your family’s love garden story and utilize her 5 step strategy to transcend narcissistic abuse to reclaim your soul, purpose and identity. Order one of Katina’s eleven books now at or wherever you buy your books.

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