The Masquerade Party Part 4: 4 Things That Happen When You Avoid Responsibility

We all need a day off from our responsibilities when things get rough. But what happens when a day off turns into several years? Even so, how does procrastination, avoidance, and self-sabotage relate to lying prophets, false intentions, and disguises? Listen in to find out. #narcissist #story #healing The Valley of Grace Song is licensed by Katina Horton-Valley of Grace Ministries, and performing artist, composer, producer, Timothy Horton GR8.

Are You Being Triggered?

Triggers can’t be avoided. However, they can be contained once you make the decision to tackle the hard work.

Triggers are the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, intellectual, professional, relational, sexual, and social responses that our minds, bodies, souls, and spirits illicit due to an arousal of our five senses.

Triggers can be difficult because they require us to be able to understand what is happening now and possibly may happen in the future versus what has actually happened in the past.

It’s so important to sit with God in stillness and develop clarity and self-awareness in being able to identify and understand the trigger, dissect its value and consistency of its effectiveness in restricting your life, and then setting up grounding techniques and boundaries for containment.

How do you deal with your triggers of the past and present? How have other people you know dealt with triggers? What advice would you give other people struggling with triggers? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.

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It’s easy to talk about everything that #narcissistic people are doing without understanding the role you play when it comes to disconnecting in order to feed the addiction cycle. Listen in and be blessed!!! #love #narcissist #toxicrelationships #loveandfreedom #disconnect #addiction #hamsterwheel

The Love ❤️ and Freedom Toxic Relationship Recovery Coach

Our Mission, Vision, & Why

Our mission is to help women in toxic relationships regain clarity on love and freedom, release control, break soul-ties and unhealthy relationship patterns, build resilience and flourish, and reclaim their power, SOUL, and identity, so they will know they are enough. Valley of Grace envisions millions of women owning their stories, provoking them to heal and walk in wholeness, operate in love and freedom, and empower and impact the lives of women in their homes, communities, and around the world.


Betrayal, The Viper Spirit, The Python Spirit, Cerebral Vulnerable, & Self-Righteous Narcissists

Narcissists operate with legion, meaning several spirits at one time. Match this up with betrayal during your wilderness season and you have a toxic cocktail. #Love #narcissist #narc #freedom #loveandfreedom #lackcycle #theloveandfreedomtoxicrelationshiprecoverycoac h #toxicrelationships #blackwomenoftiktok #shop #blackwomen #flourishing #HealingJourney #narcabuseawareness #conflict #brokenconflict #humility #empowerment #judging #empath #mindset #cravings

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Everywhere you turn, there is pestilence in the land. The pestilence that I speak of is the one that started way back in the garden of Eden. It’s called #narcissism. It’s infecting our homes, schools, workplaces, and churches. When the infection shows up in the Body of Christ, we are often bamboozled. Why? It doesn’t look the way we thought it would. Therefore, we ignore it. Or even worse, we play with it, telling it to have a seat at our table as it steals, kills, and destroys every area of our power, SOUL, and identity. #love #loveandfreedom #narcissist #toxicrelationships #toxicchurch

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We were created to crave. Relationships. Food. Connection. Etc. The problem comes in when our unchecked cravings lead to lust. And when we place our desire for relationship of humankind over our desire to be in relationship with God. God created us for community. And at the same time it is the very people who we interact with on a daily basis that will make or break us friends how many of us have them friends the ones we can depend on let’s be friends they smile in your face all the time they want to take your place the Back Stabbers back stabbers. When we fail to go through a vetting process, we end up in situations of pain, hurt confusion, and years of recovery from unresolved, trauma, betrayal, trauma, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, etc. #toxicrelationships #relationship

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