One☝️question🙋🏿‍♀️that a person may ask is, “ how do I define trust? “

Trust cannot be defined until we understand the concept of faith.


Both concepts involve the use of evidence.

Because we have seen evidence of God’s love, integrity, character, and history of being there for his people over and over again, we know that we can trust him to do what’s best for us, even when we don’t agree ☝️ with his version of our best.

We have faith 🙏🏿 in who God is.

The Bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen 🙈.

Trust is the by- product of having evidence through a person’s words and behaviors manifesting congruency that we can live a life of vulnerability and transparency with him/her.

Relationships with other people work the same way as they do with God.

Unlike 👎 God, people are imperfect. And so are we. They will disappoint us and we will disappoint them.

However, an assessment of the overall consistency of congruency in their words, character and behavior alignment, or the lack thereof, will help us to determine whether we can trust them or not.

For example, in healthy relationships, trust can be Reestablished after making bad choices because of Two people putting forth visible, Intentional, effort over a period of time ⏰.

However, when it comes to a toxic ☠️ relationship, trust can never be established until the person who is toxic goes under a major heart and life change.

So, in essence, toxic ☠️ relationships last because of a foundation of image or falseness, i. e. , false love, false trust, false hope, and false peace.

False love means Love ❤️ is equated to abuse.

False trust means Trust is equated to false evidence.

False hope means Hope is equated to false promises and heart ❤️ sickness 🤕.

False peace ✌🏿 means peace ✌🏿 is equated to the absence of conflict.

In order for any relationship to last, trust has to be at the very core of its foundation.

And in order for us to be able to stand against any situation that we face in life in general, Christ has to be our solid foundation.

As the old hymn 🎵 goes, “ On Christ the solid rock 🪨 I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

Stay tuned for our next post where we dive into more of an in-depth study on healing from narcissistic abuse.

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