When we don’t like who and how God created and designed us to be, it will be an all-time war until we have a come to Jesus moment, and then accept ourselves for who we are. We expect other people to be just like us. Contort to what we want. Be pumped out of a factory, so to speak. God created all of us differently, and when we honor and remember the needs and priorities of our unique design, we fair better.

Cinthia Hiett on Toxic Relationships, Healing, Handling Conflict, & Emotional Maturity

We want to feel good all the time, but is this realistic? Therapist and Relationship Coach Cinthia Hiett states that the way we handle conflict and emotions is a reflection of our emotional maturity level. When meanness, anger, jealousy, envy, arrogance, hatred, and malice hits your heart, mind, soul, and spirit, so does disease and venom.

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