One of the most important things that you will have to do on your journey of healing from Narcissistic Abuse is mastering the art of giving yourself permission.

You need permission to heal, permission to feel, permission to reveal, and permission to not be okay ✅.

Permission to heal means that you acknowledge that the only way to get from point A to point Z is to go under construction 🚧. Going around 🚘 the healing has played out. And getting the five dollar fill-ups ⛽️ has reached its max.

Permission to feel means that you are acknowledging the fact that suppressing and ignoring your feelings are no longer working out for you.

If anything, it has kept you on a merry-go-round of coping mechanisms and dysfunctional behavior.

Any time that we suppress and ignore, it leaves our emotional 😭 , mental, physical 🏃🏿‍♀️, and spiritual 🙏🏿 systems out of whack, and needing to release the emotions through some form or another, even if that form is unhealthy 🤒 behavior.

A lot has happened. And just like it took several years for you to get to the state that you are in, it will take several years for you to get to your true self.

I don’t say old self because the old you has been using the operating system entitled, I’m not enough.

The new you reveals your true self, using the “His Way” operating system, and the “Daughter of the King 👑 “ software.

What are the features of the “His Way” operating system?

  • Healing ❤️‍🩹
  • Identity
  • Self-worth
  • With
  • Affirmations &
  • Yielding

This operating system comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

When you purchase this new operating system, the “Daughter of the King 👑” software is included.

The perks to using this software are the following:

  • Your birthright inheritance
  • Keys 🔑 to the kingdom
  • A free crown 👸
  • And a lifetime access to the Kingdom of God

The only thing about this deal is that you must do your part, knowing that God will do his.

God has promised us a life of abundance. However, we must participate in the process.This is often the part that causes us to throw in the towel.

Just like getting groceries from the grocery store requires you to get in your car and drive for the end product, healing requires you to do your part to get to where God wants you to be.

Check out the next post on healing from Narcissistic Abuse where we will do an in-depth study of dealing with grief.

Until next time,


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