Towards the tail end of last week, I had what I described a surreal moment of God’s presence. The last time that I experienced something so profound was when I was in the midst of extreme physical illness about three years ago, and I literally felt like I was going to black out.  I’d sat on my bed, criss-crossed, and lightheaded, and starting praying to God for help and deliverance. 

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The situation was so intense, that I laid hands on myself and prayed.  I am not kidding you, sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures.  I remember asking God to please deliver me as he did the Hebrews boys in the fiery furnace, but if he didn’t deliver and heal here on Earth, then I knew that meant healing for me in heaven.  I knew God was listening.  Immediately, I heard a praise song in my head.  It was literally like a radio playing in my head.  Then, I felt God’s presence all around me, as if he was covering me with himself.

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Fast forward back to last week, and to the point when I was working on a blog post, I could feel the presence of God all around me.  It literally covered me from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet.  After working for so long, I decided that I would go for a walk to the beach, and get some fresh air.  His presence continued to cover me like a blanket.  I watched the sunset, and enjoyed seeing the clear water, and communing with God.  I walked home, and listened to gospel music, and had a worshiping good time in God’s presence.

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Little did I know, God’s surreal presence last week was to assure me for this week that he had my back.  It was the peace before this week’s storm.  Thank you God for your love and protection, and giving us what we need when we need it.

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“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” – Psalm 46:10

Have a blessed rest of your week!  

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