You are sick and tired of going from one university, job, church, ministry, and/or relationship to the next wearing your backpack of perfectionism, hustling, and running on the hamster wheel of performance.

Trying to prove that you are enough isn’t working.  If anything, the more you perform/hustle/strive, the more overwhelmed, defeated, and worn out you become.  Unlike the Energizer bunny, you can’t keep going and going.

 You are working hard to come up with a plan to prove you are enough.  You are burning the midnight oil.  You know that if you could just figure out the perfect formula to get your appearance and skills in order, they would think you are enough. 

You are going to put everything on the line to make this situation work.  Even if it means you are worn out, it will be worth it.  At least you will have your needs met.

Think about this…

The irony of the situation is that the harder you work, the more worn down you are becoming.  It is getting hard to keep up.  You are emotionally and physically exhausted.  If God promised you this abundant living, this couldn’t be what it looks like.  At least you hope not.

 One thing is for sure:  trying to be the perfect person, wife, mother, student, employee isn’t working.  It is only wearing on your mind, body, and soul, leading you to burnout. 

God created people out of love.  In the love God poured out, he gave us free will.

We are all broken in some way or another.  When people look at us, they are seeing us out of their own broken lens. 

That’s why your efforts to perfect yourself to gain acceptance isn’t working.  Only God’s whole, perfect, unobstructed, all-sufficient lens will see us as enough.  This is how he created us:  to have our enoughness to be 100% completely satisfied  through and in him.

 First, you must address your root issues of not enoughness.  Then, everything will fall in place the way that God intended it.

By reading “The Journey”, you will begin your own journey into the root cause of your not enoughness.  Then, you can come up with ways to manage your not enoughness, which is really being masked by your perfectionism.

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C.  Throw off your backpack of perfectionism, and start reclaiming your power, identity, and worth today.

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