I Blocked You!

Driving Down the Street

There is nothing worse than driving down a street, only to get a fourth of the way down, and realize that you can’t go any further because the street has been blocked. What do you do? You have to figure out a new route to get to your destination. What if it takes you over an hour to get there? You are for sure piping mad, and you have a right to be.

Playing a game of Checkers

Next scene, you are playing checkers, and you have been doing great so far. But then, all of a sudden, your opponent blocks any possible move that you can make. You are hemmed in, frustrated, and guess what? There isn’t a thing that you can do about it. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Movie Director 2.0

Now, let’s switch scenes again. Remember the movie that you created for an assignment in Cut? Well, the teacher just notified the class that a film director from Hollywood will be lining up students to take advantage of having their movie as one in a lineup of movies that will be played at a local film festival in Hollywood. The only requirement is to make a sequel of that movie with the main character living their Empowered New Chapter of Life.

You figure you got this. It is a piece of cake. You reenlist all of your friends and family, asking your parents to donate the food and drinks again, and you create your storyline with the same framework as your other classmates.

It is getting closer to the deadline, and after going through all of the footage, editing and re-editing, you are done. Your friends are getting spots in the film festival, but every single time you submit your sequel, you keep getting rejected. It is not just from one producer, but ten! What do you do? You ask your classmates for help.

Come to Jesus Moment

Upon asking them for help, each one tells you to setup your storyline just like they did theirs. “That is what the problem is” according to them. After ten redo’s of this movie, a frustrated worn-out crew and staff, you still haven’t been selected. You are in a state of pure exhaustion. Your mentor notices it, and walks up to you, saying the words that will forever change your life: “Be who God created you to be. Be your new story in the way that only you know how.”

You feel something shift inside, giving it everything you’ve got, you redo your whole entire sequel one last time. And guess what? You are chosen for the film festival. And not only that, you are selected as the feature film in the festival.


There will be times that God will block things from happening in your life. You won’t understand it because you thought that once you decided to live an empowered new chapter of life, the rest was history. God might be okay with opening doors for 200 people to move forward in the same way. However, for you, he may want something different. And he can and may block you because of it.

The more we fight it, the harder it becomes. The more we surrender and embrace God’s will for our lives, being who he created us to be, the more we will be in tuned to the Holy Spirit. That will help us when God decides for whatever reason, to say, “I blocked you!”

This is where the resilience and perspective that we have obtained from healing comes in.

“Be who God created you to be. Be your new story in the way that only you know how.”