Freedomology is a coaching methodology that combines two frameworks: 1) the VG5 Framework of Core Concepts for computer technicians using the ATIE-I METHOD, and 2) the VG5 Framework of Core Concepts for Relationships.  

The VG5 Framework of Core Concepts for Relationships uses five core relationship concepts that were introduced during the creation process in the Garden of Eden:  PCLFA-power, control, love, freedom, and abuse.  

These five core relationship concepts are dissected alongside the 5L Cycle.  Freedomology’s 5L Cycle is a progressive cycle that we use to understand why women go from one narcissistic partner to the next.  This whole cycle is fueled by the seed of rejection, alongside the spirits of anger, bitterness, and offense that was picked up from your family’s nutrient-lacking or perceived nutrient-lacking love story garden.

When the spirit of offense comes in, it leaves imprints in your soul that says, “I’m never going to interact with anyone like my mother or father again.”  Except you do.  Why?  Our brains always go to what’s familiar until we make the decision to heal by reclaiming our power, SOUL, and identity, learn how to interrupt our thought patterns, and become aware of the sources of our triggered behaviors.


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