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8 Ways To Detox From Soul Ties And Their Destruction After The Narcissist

When you think of the word detox, an immediate physical cleansing comes to mind. And this is partially true of our discussion today. There is a cleansing taking place. However, This one deals with the cleansing of the soul after being in a toxic relationship. Thinking that you can just move on after having a soul tie is so far from the reality of the situation. But then again, if our brains had to pick between pain or pleasure, it would pick pleasure, Comfort, and complacency every time. #toxicrelationships #Katinahorton #soulties

11 Things that happen when you are devalued by a #narcissist

What do you do with something you value? Everything that we value we must first identify. Whether it is a person, place, thing, or idea, it must be identified first. Once you know the identity, then you get to decide how much value needs to be placed on it. Listen 🎧 in to find out how your identity and worth plays a role in your likelihood to end up in a relationship with someone with narcissistic brokenness. #Toxicrelationships #Katinahorton #youareenough

8 Things Absalom’s Spirit and Flying Monkeys teach us about Life and Narcissism

Absalom’s story is one that any one of us could fall into if we’re not careful. His story is not far fetched. It demonstrates what happens when sin, pride, power, and avoiding conflict goes unchecked. It also reveals how people of power rarely do the dirty work on their own. Why not? Their flying monkeys do it for them. Listen in as we deep dive into a story that will change how you see your inner circle and relationships in general. Be blessed. #katinahorton #toxicrelationships #absalomspirit