Our Stories

My theme for the last few weeks has seemed to focus on our stories. It is so important to gain freedom from telling and owning our stories. I came up with a poem that I would like to share with you all for reflection.

Our Stories

Our Stories.

No, they don’t define us.

Our Stories.

God’s Word Realigns Us.

Our Stories.

Takes Us Back to the Beginning.

Our Stories.

Helps Us Sift through all the Sinning.

Our Stories.

Gives us Depth and Relation.

Our Stories.

We Are God’s Own Priestly Nation.

Old Year, New Reflections

The last poem that was written, “Stolen Identity”, can be found here. deals with the reality of what I’ve had to face this year, as well as the things that I have to look forward to in the new year.

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Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

A New Year approaches.

New theme.

New time.

Wisdom to greet.

Healing is mine.

A year filled with options, much pain, and gain.

A heart filled with wholeness and heaviness remains,

A year filled with trauma, and doubts, and reactions.

A heart filled with faith and then works put into action.





A heart filled with God for The Upcoming year.

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