Building a Breakfast Bar

Background Story on the Breakfast Bar

Sometimes you end up with the situation like myself, where you want the ability to seat more people in the kitchen (perhaps 10 to 12), but you don’t have the space, nor the money to do it.  This is where building a breakfast bar comes in handy.  Breakfast bars are great because they are multifunctional.  They can serve as a breakfast bar/homework center/painting spot/reading area.  You decide.

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Plumbing Pipe Breakfast Bar

Last time, I explained how to build shelves using plumbing pipes here.  The breakfast bar featured in this post only takes about 30 minutes to build, and very few materials.  Plus, you can’t beat the price.  Since the length is only 12 inches, you can probably setup two of these in a smaller kitchen, and still be fine.

Four years ago, I purchased the stools that are featured from Amazon.  I decided upon these particular ones because I wanted a combination of an industrial/farmhouse/rustic look, along with something that would withstand wear and tear of teenagers and usage in general.  Plus, they are both simple and functional, and that’s what Valley of Grace is all about.  I don’t like to have to keep buying furniture.  The stools come in two different sizes: table height and bar height.


Building a breakfast bar


2 ½” Tees

4 ½” flanges

2  ½” 36” nipples (or whatever height you choose)

2  ½” 12” nipples (or whatever width you choose)

A box of 2-inch screws

1 piece of 8 ft. 8” lumber from the lumber department (add additional 2 ft. for 6 people fitting comfortably, and another 2ft. for a coffee/tea station to be added at the end)

4 clips (optional for securing lumber to 12” nipples)

Stud finder



  1. Assemble two 7 shapes to build the bar without tightly screwing:
  2. Connect the 12” nipple to the flange.
  3. Screw the Tee onto the 12” nipple.
  4. Screw the 36” nipple onto the tee.
  5. Connect the flange to the 36” nipple.
  6. Use a stud finder to find the location of the studs in the wall.
  7. Using the 2-inch screws, drill the two 7 shapes into the studs in the wall.
  8. Place the piece of lumber on top.

Optional:  Secure the (2) 12” nipples to the piece of lumber with two clips using a drill, and two screws per clip for both 7 shapes.

Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.  Psalms 127:1

God bless,