Why won’t you set boundaries? This is a question that someone may have asked you recently.

The answer is not a one size fit all. One reason may be fear of being alone and rejected. Another reason may be lack of housing.

A spirit of unworthiness can also be the culprit.

When you possess a spirit of unworthiness, you have a belief system of not being worthy enough. Thus, if you believe you are unworthy, you will not value your time, body, and soul.

And as a domino effect, when we don’t value our time, body, and soul, other people won’t either. They will rip through our bodies and souls with trauma like nobody’s business. Why? Either they don’t care or don’t have the ability.

The people who don’t care are walking around hurting other people in order to hurt themselves. We mirror our feelings about ourselves onto others. They are the group of personality disordered and spirit of narcissism and narcissistic tendencies group.

This group have wounds that are drowning in shame and insecurities around their childhoods and everything involved in their upbringing.

The people who don’t have the ability also walk around hurting other people. The difference is that it’s unintentional due to emotional immaturity, limiting beliefs, limited worldview, resources, skills, lies they believe about themselves and others, false concepts about love, etc.

We can’t make either group have a come to Jesus because love involves freedom. The moment that we X out freedom, we have control. And we can barely make ourselves do what we need to do. 


This group also needs healing by going back to their family’s love story garden, dismantling the lies and limiting beliefs that led to the limited worldviews/strongholds.

When we stop being curious about God’s character, and then ourselves, we stop being curious about others. This leads to the inability group doing whatever they need to do to unknowingly make sure they never release the stronghold through confirmation bias.

We are responsible for giving ourselves what we need.

Although it doesn’t feel or seem right, it’s nobody else’s responsibility to understand and give us what we need.

God loves us, enabling us to love ourselves, and spread this love over to others.  Taking responsibility for our own needs and issues is part of loving others.

Until next time,