So, what’s the difference anyway?-The Relationship Cycle

One of the main things that needs to happen in the relationship cycle in general is to form a healthy separation. When I say separation, I am not meaning separation in the terms of a last ditch effort before contemplating divorce.

Separation in this case is in regard to eliminating symbiosis. I like to think of symbiosis as the “Coming to America effect” where the prince asks his prospective bride what she wanted, and her response to everything was, “Whatever you like”. It means that you are so caught up in pleasing the other person, appearing agreeable and likeable, that you forego vocalizing anything that would rock the boat, or make you appear to have an opinion of your own.

However, one thing about any healthy relationship is that symbiosis needs to turn into differentiation, where both individuals in the relationship are no longer functioning as one person, but two. It can be scary to think about, but very necessary in order for there to be any growth taking place from either party.

And think about it, even in “Coming to America”, symbiosis played out real fast. The prince liked not having conflict at first, but then the prospective bride’s unwillingness to differentiate got on his last nerves after a while.

In my next post, I will discuss what happens when we enter stage three of The Relationship Cycle.

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