Have Hope; Will Travel Podcast Guest

Join Katie Axelson and I as we discuss taking a “be still and know moment”, along with dissecting the following topics:

How do we identify a toxic relationship?

How do I get out of a toxic relationship in a safe way?

Why do women enter into toxic relationships?

How do I get out of toxic relationships and find healthier ones?

What are soul ties?

River Ridge Women’s Retreat Speaker

I spoke to women of various ages at the River Ridge Women’s Retreat near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The theme of this particular retreat was entitled “Renew and Revive”. My message, entitled “Transform Your Life”, was based on the scripture in Romans 12:1-2, which highlights the fact that transformation occurs from the inside out.

Women were inspired, encouraged, impacted, and charged with the call to challenge their “I’m not enough” operating system. Challenging this operating system leads to healing and walking in freedom and abundance.

Ladies in Waiting Speaker

I spoke to a single women’s group, entitled, “Ladies in Waiting”, on the topic of Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Patterns. We looked into coping mechanisms/dysfunctional behaviors such as avoidance, codependency, shutting down, and perfectionism, as well as how to get out of toxic relationships with narcissistic men and other individuals with character brokenness.

You Are Enough

Daily affirmations are all that we need. Right? We wish that were true. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be thousands of women walking around with a disconnect between what they are saying and the messages that their minds, bodies, and souls are telling them. Failure to heal after church hurt, family hurt, divorce, trauma, and emotional abuse after being in a toxic relationship, cannot be swept under the rug.

In “YOU ARE ENOUGH: Heal From Past Hurts & Reclaim Your Power And Identity”, Katina Horton keeps it real. She goes in depth, challenging and motivating you to take yourself to the next level, reclaim your birthright, and grab your keys to the kingdom. Like with anything else that is worthwhile, this requires work. And work requires process. So, put on your armor, and get ready to go to battle, and fight to reclaim what is already yours.

Divorce Talk with Twyla Radio Show Guest

I was a guest on the Divorce Talk with Twyla Radio Show, where I discussed relationships in general, toxic relationships in particular, obstacles to grief and healing, and the key components that are necessary for a person to consider themselves to be in the running for remarrying, or even dating for that matter. Here is the link to that episode: Remarrying After Divorce

Freedom Stories Podcast Guest

As a Freedom Stories Podcast, I tackled the concept of toxic relationships by both telling my freedom story and going through the three-part toxic relationship cycle of narcissistic abuse. I also gave women the necessary steps of reclaiming their power and identity after being in the toxic relationship, and helped them to understand their value and worth in Christ. You can listen in to the podcast episode here.

Fury & Friends

As a podcast guest on the Fury & Friends Show, I dove into my life story, toxic relationships, the narcissistic abuse cycle, and how to create new software (a new mindset) so that you can move forward and create an empowered new chapter of life. To take a listen, click here.

Circle 31 International Women’s Podcast Guest

I spoke as a podcast guest on the Circle 31 Women’s Ministry Podcast. The topic of the podcast was “Identifying, Overcoming, & Healing From Toxic Relationships. There are women all over the world who are smack dab in the middle of toxic relationships. However, because they went into this familiar relationship from their family’s love story garden perspective, they did not realize that their partners’ way of relating to them was through power and control, otherwise known as abuse. I identified the red flags, how to overcome the abuse, and how to stay out of the abuse. Listen in to the episode here.