Have Hope; Will Travel Podcast Guest

Join Katie Axelson and I as we discuss taking a “be still and know moment”, along with dissecting the following topics:

How do we identify a toxic relationship?

How do I get out of a toxic relationship in a safe way?

Why do women enter into toxic relationships?

How do I get out of toxic relationships and find healthier ones?

What are soul ties?


What are three things that a woman looks for in a potential partner? When do I go under complete construction 🚧? How does my brand, its colors, and representation tie into safety and comfort? The answers to these questions and more can be found in my interview as a podcast guest on “At The Style Table”. Be blessed!!!

Ladies in Waiting Speaker

I spoke to a single women’s group, entitled, “Ladies in Waiting”, on the topic of Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Patterns. We looked into coping mechanisms/dysfunctional behaviors such as avoidance, codependency, shutting down, and perfectionism, as well as how to get out of toxic relationships with narcissistic men and other individuals with character brokenness.

Love and Freedom

You keep going from one toxic relationship to the next. Unfulfilled. Disappointed. Thirsting for more. At this point, you are baffled. Why do you keep attracting the same kind of men? Are there no more good men? You are willing to do the work, find the magic formula, change him, fix him, or whatever it takes for that matter. However, the harder you work at fixing him, the more confused you become. All of your choices so far have been narcissistic men. Could there possibly be something that you’re missing?

In “LOVE AND FREEDOM: HOW UNDERSTANDING THEIR CONCEPTS RELEASES YOU FROM THE VENOM OF A SOUL-TIED TOXIC RELATIONSHIP AND HELPS YOU HEAL FROM NARCISSISTIC ABUSE”, Katina Horton goes deep, helping you to go back to the garden of Eden to find the missing key to healthy relationships, and in the process, learn to love you again.