Have Hope; Will Travel Podcast Guest

Join Katie Axelson and I as we discuss taking a “be still and know moment”, along with dissecting the following topics:

How do we identify a toxic relationship?

How do I get out of a toxic relationship in a safe way?

Why do women enter into toxic relationships?

How do I get out of toxic relationships and find healthier ones?

What are soul ties?


What are three things that a woman looks for in a potential partner? When do I go under complete construction 🚧? How does my brand, its colors, and representation tie into safety and comfort? The answers to these questions and more can be found in my interview as a podcast guest on “At The Style Table”. Be blessed!!!

River Ridge Women’s Retreat Speaker

I spoke to women of various ages at the River Ridge Women’s Retreat near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The theme of this particular retreat was entitled “Renew and Revive”. My message, entitled “Transform Your Life”, was based on the scripture in Romans 12:1-2, which highlights the fact that transformation occurs from the inside out.

Women were inspired, encouraged, impacted, and charged with the call to challenge their “I’m not enough” operating system. Challenging this operating system leads to healing and walking in freedom and abundance.

Surrendered Book

We all desire the empowered new chapter of life, the abundant life that God has so richly promised us. Healing from past hurts is part of the process. In “The Journey”, Katina took you through her own personal journey of healing. What happens if our process of healing from past hurts is different than the way it looks for others? What if we realized that the process of healing from past hurts is more of an art form, a surrendering of our minds, hearts, souls, emotions, and wills that are ready to be molded by the Savior?In this book of poetry and devotionals, Katina helps us see that when we surrender our healing process to the sovereignty of God, healing from past hurts goes from a struggle, to an art, to a rest that lies in the Creator himself.

My Blackness Book

This book of poems and short stories dig deep into the subject of blackness through the author’s eyes. You are taken on an emotional journey into how blackness affects the author personally, and then collectively as a family, community, and society. My Blackness is guaranteed to make you fall in love with what the word community truly means. Namely, when there’s a matriarch as the pillar of the community.

Simply Grace

In Katina’s book, “The Journey”, you are walked through her personal journey of healing from abandonment, trauma, rejection, and divorce. Creating a satisfying future hinges upon healing from past hurts. That is because healing brings perspective and resilience. In “Simply Grace: Poetry and Recipes that Heal the Soul”, Katina brings you this perspective. Her poetry and prose present a truth-telling, soulful, creative look at topics such as shame, empathy, and love, encompassed in a manifestation of love and grace.

Valley of Grace

What happens when our valley meets God’s abundance of grace? The possibilities are endless. God gives us a front row seat to being refined for maturity in him, and fulfillment of our calling. There are no special qualifications. We only need a willing heart to answer the call to use what God has given us for his glory.

This book has devotionals and poetry to help encourage you in the roughest times, see the power of the Holy Spirit, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has not forgotten about you.

Digging Deep Down in Those Roots

Roots are usually kept underground, out of sight, out of mind, like the necessities of the Underground Railroad kind. Black folks have been digging deep down in those roots for years. They have been pulling up from the roots in their hair to the cotton fields, to what they now have to bring joy and resilience from the difficult struggles in life.

Let Katina take you on a poetic journey of revelation as she digs deep down into her own personal roots. Black women are encouraged to reclaim their identity of blackness, embrace their uniqueness of culture, experiences, hair, and skin color, release their emotions, and celebrate their resilience as a people. In other words, dig deep down into the roots of all those things that they have felt they needed to suppress and be ashamed of for years.

You Are Enough

Daily affirmations are all that we need. Right? We wish that were true. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be thousands of women walking around with a disconnect between what they are saying and the messages that their minds, bodies, and souls are telling them. Failure to heal after church hurt, family hurt, divorce, trauma, and emotional abuse after being in a toxic relationship, cannot be swept under the rug.

In “YOU ARE ENOUGH: Heal From Past Hurts & Reclaim Your Power And Identity”, Katina Horton keeps it real. She goes in depth, challenging and motivating you to take yourself to the next level, reclaim your birthright, and grab your keys to the kingdom. Like with anything else that is worthwhile, this requires work. And work requires process. So, put on your armor, and get ready to go to battle, and fight to reclaim what is already yours.

Love and Freedom

You keep going from one toxic relationship to the next. Unfulfilled. Disappointed. Thirsting for more. At this point, you are baffled. Why do you keep attracting the same kind of men? Are there no more good men? You are willing to do the work, find the magic formula, change him, fix him, or whatever it takes for that matter. However, the harder you work at fixing him, the more confused you become. All of your choices so far have been narcissistic men. Could there possibly be something that you’re missing?

In “LOVE AND FREEDOM: HOW UNDERSTANDING THEIR CONCEPTS RELEASES YOU FROM THE VENOM OF A SOUL-TIED TOXIC RELATIONSHIP AND HELPS YOU HEAL FROM NARCISSISTIC ABUSE”, Katina Horton goes deep, helping you to go back to the garden of Eden to find the missing key to healthy relationships, and in the process, learn to love you again.