You are sick and tired of going from one unhealthy, toxic thought and relationship to the next. Deciding to settle and do nothing isn’t working.

If anything, it seems like the more that you settle for things being status quo, the worse the situation is becoming.

You are putting in a conscious effort to settle and do nothing. As a matter of fact, you are telling everyone who will listen , “There’s no sense in me doing anything, anyway.

This situation has been going on for so long. Your intellect says that since God knows what our problems are, you can just wait for him to solve the problem.

What is happening in this case is that you are giving the entire responsibility of the solution to the problem to God. God will help us.

He is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. However, like the man at the pool of Bethesda, he doesn’t want us to sit and pray with no action.

The even bigger problem is that you feel unworthy and powerless. You have been repeating these lines for so long, that you have adopted them as your identity.

This is why you have settled with your relationships, your thinking, and your life in general. You believe that there is a scarcity of happiness, joy, etc. in the world in general.

Just thinking about acting or thinking gives you a headache. And who wants that stress? You would rather do anything else than to rock the boat with people or your brain , which has been trained in this mindset and lifestyle for so long.

The irony of the situation is that the more you settle for status quo, the more hopeless, stagnant, powerless and scarce your life and mindset becomes.

You are in a state of stagnation. If God has promised you a life of abundance, this couldn’t be what it looks like.

Deciding to stay in a state of stagnation because of settling is only going to cause you to lower your standards, and your mindset and life in general. God created us for an abundant life and mindset.

Settling for stagnation increases stagnation, which in turn increases your learned helplessness and powerlessness to settle. That is why your efforts to settle with status quo is not working. God made us to desire more from life.

First, address the root issues of your unworthiness and scarcity. Then, everything you need to create and live out an abundant life and mindset will fall in place.

In Broken Pieces, you identify your sources of unworthiness, scarcity, and limiting beliefs.

Then, you work on managing them.

Once those areas are managed, you can use those same skills to manage other issues such as forgiveness, your dreams or calling, adequate rest, etc.

Once you complete this book , you will not only be able to handle your unworthiness and scarcity in your current situation, but you will also be equipped and empowered with the skills that produce abundance in your mindset and life in general moving forward.

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3. Third, move onto the next chapter of your life healed, ❤️‍🩹 worthy, empowered and with a growth and abundant life and mindset in general.

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