No one wants to seem like the bad guy. At the same time, either we armor up and do what’s necessary to love, respect, honor, be loyal to, and have dignity for ourselves, or we sign up for allowing people to break through every gate and door so they can steal, kill, and destroy our joy, identity, calling, and the mission. ⁠#boundaries⁠ ⁠#narcissism⁠ ⁠#freedom⁠ ⁠#loveandfreedom⁠

The Love ❤️ and Freedom Toxic Relationship Recovery Coach

Our Mission, Vision, & Why

Our mission is to help women in toxic relationships regain clarity on love and freedom, release control, break soul-ties and unhealthy relationship patterns, build resilience and flourish, and reclaim their power, SOUL, and identity, so they will know they are enough. Valley of Grace envisions millions of women owning their stories, provoking them to heal and walk in wholeness, operate in love and freedom, and empower and impact the lives of women in their homes, communities, and around the world. We so believe in the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of every woman that we donate 100% of the proceeds of The Valley of Grace Shop to Valley of Grace Ministries.

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