We all have a place of comfort. A comfort zone so to speak.
There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable. However, when we step into the place and space of a comfort zone, we are entering a realm that involves limits. Growth and comfort cannot coexist.
A limited worldview. A limited mindset.

Limitations emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially, relationally, and financially.

In order to be stretched, we have to come out of the comfort zone. When we cross the threshold of the comfort zone, we enter the land of stretching, growing, healing, wholeness, and curiosity as to what our future could possibly look like and more.

When we stay in the comfort zone, we only heal to the point where it hurts, but not too much. The relationship is toxic, but not toxic enough for us to get out and deal with the pain of disentanglement. We tread the threshold of seeing the Promised Land, but desiring slavery because of the work.

Where are some areas in which you can push past the comfort zone and heal?

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