Cerebral vulnerable narcissism is hard to detect. And although it is hard to detect, we know that something is wrong.

The Holy Spirit serves as our smoke detector of sorts, where its alarm is going off and telling us, “ This doesn’t feel good. Something’s not right here.”

As we have talked about before, when it comes to relationships, we can get so wrapped up in history preservation, as well as whatever amount of value that the other individual(s) is bringing to the relationship, that we fail to acknowledge how the continual behavior of others is causing us to ignore and self-abandon ourselves.

Just think about it, even if you never figured out that a person was a cerebral, vulnerable narcissist, just the constant invalidation, one-upping, and superiority complex alone is enough to make you stop and think if what you are investing in, and the return on your investment, is even worth it.

Once again, the Holy Spirit serves as our smoke detector. And just like with the smoke detectors in our home, when we ignore the constant beeps to change the battery, we risk not being notified when a real fire occurs.

Ignoring the notifications from the Holy Spirit to change the relationships that are damaging our minds, hearts, souls, and spirits only leads up to a trauma-induced fireworks show in our nervous system.

It’s wonderful watching the fireworks outside. However, when the display is inside of us, it could take a while to calm down the flames.

Remember, you are already enough. You do not have to stay in relationships that are constantly going against your values and integrity to prove you are a strong individual. Sometimes the strongest thing that we can do is to practice self-love by letting go, getting out, and knowing that we are worth more. #narcissism #narcissist #cerebralvulnerable #empath #npd #personalitydisorders #psychology #love #loveandfreedom

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