Self-righteousness is a stance that any one of us can be guilty of. And being prideful about what it is that we know is also possible.

However, when it comes to an individual who is a self-righteous cerebral narcissist, the concepts of self-righteousness, where an individual loves rules and laws, and how they follow them; along with taking pride in their knowledge and intelligence, we are talking about pathology.

Unfortunately, these two issues are seared into their personality, and have been made this way through the usage of trauma as a portal.

We often correct our children. However, when it gets to the point of adults constantly correcting other adults about their language usage, and understanding of words, it gets to be too much. And overtime, being in relationships with these types of individuals can wear down on your self-esteem and self worth because of the cost and put downs about what you do know.

So how would you know if you are in a conversation with a self righteous, cerebral narcissist?

These individuals will behave just like the Pharisees did in the Bible. And their behavior can become so annoying over time, that it’s just like getting bit by a viper little by little.

You will experience one-upping competitions involving knowledge during the entire conversation. Secondly, they will make you feel like you don’t know anything. Thirdly, they will take the information you gave them and use it to one-up other people they’re in relationship with. And lastly, they will take their entire agenda of how they run their lives, and then force it onto you. They will also add other things on to this agenda that’s especially for you just to get a rise out of you doing them.

Self-righteous cerebral narcissists appear to be extremely responsible and knowledgeable in all areas. However, underneath it all, there exists rigidity, emptiness, and a void in their hearts and souls that is filled by obtaining knowledge, and following mountainous rules, of which they add on legalities, but never coming to the truth and understanding of God’s love.

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