A lot of people look at love bombing as just over-the-top affection. This would be a quick glanced assessment. When we dive deeper beneath the surface, and peel away the layers, we are staring at abuse.

Plain and simple.

Love bombing is more of the grooming and priming stage of abuse. Just like using primer so the paint will take on your dark-colored wall, love bombing assures that the devaluation stage of the narcissistic abuse cycle will look good on you. But this is not a laughing matter. Nothing about abuse is funny.

Here is a list of things to look out for so that you don’t find yourself caught up in its web.

  1. Checking with you all times of the day. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. How was your morning? How was your evening? How was your afternoon? This is done repeatedly so that when he pulls the rug from underneath you, and stops doing it, you will be like a drug addict needing your fix. Remember-you already have issues with love and approval addictions, which is part of the reason you got caught up with this individual in the first place.
  2. Playing Mr. NICE GUY with your family by lending out his car so as soon as the abuse starts, people start thinking, “This couldn’t be the same guy who’s hurting you.”
  3. Making his church and family seem perfect and sin-free compared to yours.
  4. Gossiping, judging, and criticizing your church, pastor, family, coworkers, and friends.
  5. Appearance of self-confidence that’s really hiding arrogance, condescending, contemptuous, behavior.
  6. Volunteering to help you with typing and taking notes for your graduate and undergraduate degree program.
  7. Volunteering in children’s ministry, men’s ministry, singing in the choir, and preaching at Christian retreats.
  8. Buying your kids clothes and shoes.
  9. Rubbing all over your belly and making you feel embarrassed in public once you’re pregnant with his baby.
  10. Purchasing expensive homes. multiple expensive vehicles, and then having you to get rid of your homes, inherited property and vehicles, and place everything in his name.

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