The Valley of Grace Podcast
The Valley of Grace Podcast
Episode 142: From Stonewalling Prison to High Performance Coach

Have you ever lived with someone who didn’t speak 🗣to you for five years?

It definitely doesn’t sound like fun 🤩 and games.

And it isn’t.

It is spiritual warfare from the devil 👿 himself.

Unlike in a healthy relationship where “silent treatment” towards each other covers up the fact that you are angry 😡 , a toxic ☠️ relationship involves the toxic individual(s)“stonewalling.” 

Stonewalling 🪨 is just how it sounds.

The toxic person’s heart ❤️ has become a heart of stone.   And they have built up walls around them, ignoring you when you ask questions, and pretending like you do not exist.

How long does it last?

Simple – However long they want it to.

The purpose of stonewalling is to make you feel crazy, uncomfortable, alone, and most importantly, to have power 💪🏾 and control over you.

In other words, they have the upper hand 🤚 .

So, how do you get out of it? Listen 🎧 to the interview between Hazel Amin and I as she tells her story of how she went “From Stonewalling Prison to High Performance 🎭 Coach”.

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