The Valley of Grace Podcast
The Valley of Grace Podcast
Episode 134: 6 Ways The Spirit of Manipulation and Entitlement Manifest Themselves in a Smear Campaign

It is so easy to smear something on a mirror.  All you have to do is to unknowingly have something on your hands, get closer to the mirror to see your makeup, hair, or face, accidentally touch the mirror, or use it for support, and there you go.  The next thing you know the mirror looks a hot mess. 

Unlike smearing mirrors, running campaigns are hard work.  You have to sit and think of all the people you would like to vote for you, do part of the work yourself, and then enlist other people who believe in your message to spread the word.

When the other person in a toxic relationship leaves you, they will start a smear campaign.  It is just the way it sounds.  It’s contemptuous and vindictive.  But there isn’t a thing you can do about it other than continuing to work on you.  And that work is reclaiming your power and identity so you will know you are enough.

Like with the mirrors, the smearing part of their job is easy.  Your name is run through the mud to everybody and their momma. 

The campaign part is what takes a lot of work.  Listen in to today’s podcast to find out how the smear campaign is run against you as you go through the court process, and then listen closely to see what happened when Jezebel got a hold of Naboth’s vineyard. 

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Katina Horton

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