The Valley of Grace Podcast
The Valley of Grace Podcast
Episode 129: An Interview with Dr. Chonta Haynes Part 1

What do I do after being blindsided by divorce?  What is the connection between divorce and poverty?  Who plays the beauty card?  Should we compete with other women?  Does having a degree equal having bank?  How do I push past the shame of divorce? What happens when you are demoralized by the people who are supposed to be helping you? How did people deal with their business back in the day? How can having the right team help you after a divorce? What happens when you lack self-care?  And lastly, what’s going on with black women staying with black men?

If you need a place that is relatable, where you can pull off your masks, be real, dig deep, embrace your hair and skin color, release your emotions, and reveal your true identity and worth as a black woman, then listen to Part 1 of this candid interview between Dr. Chonta Haynes and me in a new series of The Valley of Grace Podcast entitled, “The Black Woman Experience:  Talking Through Our Stories” to find out the answers to these questions and more.  Be blessed! #drchontahaynes #authors #blackwomen #blackmarriage #blackrelationships #reclaimyourpowerandidentity #youareenough #blacksuperwoman #blackskin #blackhair #blackmarriages #blackstigmas #blackstereotypes #theblackcommunity #blackauthors #blackpodcasters #blackcoaches

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