The Valley of Grace Podcast
The Valley of Grace Podcast
Episode 123: An Interview with Business Coach Dr. Alice Koech-Part 1

Is there only one reason why women find themselves in unhealthy relationships?  How do I fix my not enoughness?  How should we respond to other people’s pain?  How can knowing how to respond in other people’s pain as well as our own help the grief process in general?  What are the three things that we need in order to feel supported by others?  Do the words that we speak even matter?  Watch Part 1 of this interview between Business Coach Dr. Alice Koech and I to find out the answers to these questions and so much more. Did you miss Sharae Jenkins’ guest post? Catch up right here!  Be blessed!

Dr. Alice Koech

Podcast Topics

  • The Grief Process
  • Why What We Say to People During their Grief Matters
  • 3 Important Things Community Needs to Do
  • Our Words Matter

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