The Valley of Grace Podcast
The Valley of Grace Podcast
Episode 105: A Living Room Interview with LaTrae Wilson: Creating An Empowered New Chapter of Life After Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Patterns-Part 1

Just hearing the word empowered gives you hope. Couple that with the words “new chapter of life”, and your mind starts thinking of all the possibilities. These possibilities can be your reality. However, there is work required on your part. Remember, the film director in the movie, My Life Story? You are the film director of your life. Your choices are the determining factors for the content of each scene.

Creating an empowered new chapter of life requires healing from past hurts. Healing from past hurts brings resilience and perspective. Creating an empowered new chapter of life requires perspective.

After listening to this interview with LaTrae Wilson and I, I guarantee you, you will feel a sense of hope rising in your soul. Latrae doesn’t sugarcoat it, but her style and method of delivering the message will challenge you embolden you in taking your first step forward. If you missed Chris Archuleta’s interview, you can catch up on that one here. Here is an outline of the topics that we discussed in this interview:

Interview with LaTrae Wilson Podcast Topics:

  • Generational Sin Cycles
  • Hiding Sin
  • Family Secrets
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Low Self-Worth
  • The Pain of Healing
  • Unspoken Reasons for Why Women Go Back

Latrae Wilson’s Website

Instagram: destinedtwobeblessed

Facebook: Destined To Be Blessed @Mylast20BCEB


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Purchase Her New Book: My Last 20

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