The word “triggered” has become so overly used in this day and age. For those of us who live with trauma/PTSD, triggers are real. And when they occur, gaining solid grounding is what’s needed in order to get past the episode. This poem, entitled, “Triggered” paints a vivid picture of what it’s like.



Sights and sounds.

Beyond compare.

The bad seems worse.

The good seems better.

Triggers in all forms-

By Good “Ole Friend” Weather.

One word. One sound. Tilts you off the ground.

One look paints a picture.

Identity in Christ-Our one and only fixture.

The Art of Forgiveness

The act of forgiveness is what we have been commissioned to do. However, it isn’t an easy task. The process itself keeps taking us back to the cross and having us to question our own worthiness with the Savior. This poem reflects just that. God bless!

The Art of Forgiveness

Forgiveness -sounds foreign

Not domestic

Forgiveness-it’s for you

It’s protection

Forgiveness-the releasing of the poison

Forgiveness-no more power or the noisome

Forgiveness-it’s ours to take hold of

Forgiveness-standing tall

And be bold, love.