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Have you ever woke up with a song in your head and your heart? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me on yesterday morning. It was a song that I hadn’t heard in years. It played over and over in my head until I had to play it on YouTube. I listened to it three times. I had my own praise and worship session with Jesus. God knows just what we need. It makes me feel special when God takes the time to show me in little whispers that he loves me.

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Song in My Heart

Savior, You woke me this morning.

With a crown of adorning.

Music right from the start.

With a song in my heart.

And you played it all day.

In a special kind of way.

“Cast my cares upon you”.

For you’ll surely see me through.

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  1. This happens to me quite often. I do the same thing you did, listen to it on YouTube. It’s always what I needed to hear, and the best part is the praise and worship it brings! Thanks for sharing!

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