I don’t know if you are like me, but I love pictures of all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  To me, pictures change the entire tone of a home.  Pictures and Jesus have two things in common: they give life to a room.  There is something about pictures of people that make our homes have that homey, cozy feeling deep down.  Of course, if we want to display pictures, then we need picture frames.  To be honest, they can be pricey.  I want to give you four tips on Picture Frames.  Maybe they might spark an upcycling idea or two.


Some of the best selection of picture frames are at the thrift stores.

When you have a tight budget, it forces you to change your selection options really fast.  I have found that I like the selection of picture frames from thrift stores better than the other stores that I used to frequent.  When Michael’s has their lowest prices of the season sale, you can get great frames for $5.  I have about four of them that I bought three years ago.  Goodwill has frames anywhere from $.99 to $3.99, which is great.  I try to give myself a $2.99 budget there.  There was one thrift store that I visited two years ago, and I thought that when I saw the $.50 tag on the frames, that is was a misprint.  The owner told me that they get so many new frames everyday, that they are able to offer them for such an inexpensive price.  The two frames below were brand new Pottery Barn picture frames when I bought them.  They even had an extra set of matting inside the frame in case you decided to change things up.  I painted these two frames with chalkboard paint and a medium brush to give them a washed-out, distressed look.


pictures, picture frames, thrift stores



pictures, picture frames, thrift stores

Picture frames give an interesting layout when they are different colors, shapes, and sizes.

The thicker frames give more depth and dimension, while the natural colored frames make any colored wall look great.  I think the most fun that I ever had with picture frames was trying to come up with a pattern and color scheme for this living room wall.  This was also the first time that I displayed so many pictures on one wall.

pictures, picture frames, thrift stores


These are two of the frames that I found at Michael’s for $5.00 a few years ago during their lowest prices of the season.  These are pictures of my son performing at a radio station during a one-on-one interview.

pictures, picture frames, thrift stores


Your pictures and picture frames tell a story about your family, your home, and your style.

They should be carefully selected to reflect who you are as a person, and as a family.

pictures, frames

Picture frames can be painted.

It took me several years to figure this out.  Years ago, I was watching a diy show on HGTV, and the hostess made the point that if you find the perfect frame for a great price, then buy some inexpensive paint to paint the frame the color that you’d like.  Now, I can’t even begin to tell you the number of picture frames that I’ve painted.  It’s all about personal preference.

If you feel inspired, send in a picture of a wall in your home with the history behind the pictures and the frames.


Have a blessed night!



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